Partnership Ubisoft Québec – École de psychologie


Last May 29 was officially launched Fun II (intelligent interaction) in a collaboration between video game company Ubisoft Québec and Université Laval. This research project, led by researchers Phillip Jackson and Sébastien Tremblay, respectively directors of the laboratoire de neuroscience sociales et cognitive and Co-DOT Laboratory, aims at the development of video games that are interactive and adaptive in real-time to the player's emotions and cognitions.   To do so, the first step of this project consists of  objectively defining the level of fun and enjoyment felt by the player by using different physiological and behavioral measures (eye movements, electrodermal activity, heart rate, breathing, etc.). The second step is the development of algorithms able to interpret and predict the level of fun felt by the player based on psychophysiological inputs and adapt the game to maximize the player's fun.  Finally, the last step is the development of video games either for education or entertainment which will use the results of the two first steps of the project to interact and adapt itself in real-time to the player's level of fun.

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