Chaire de leadership en enseignement sur les solutions cognitives et intelligentes en pédagogie universitaire – Desjardins

Chair's Holder: Sébastien Tremblay


The evolution of training needs, due to global Compétences du 21e sièclethreats, globalization, demographic changes, and technological development, conveys a change in society driven by new technologies’ emergence, digital enhancements, and artificial intelligence. Contemporary societies are increasingly complex, and our cognitive capacity is relatively limited, particularly in terms of computation. Moreover, our cognitive capacity is inadequate in the management of information in situations of dynamic complexity.


The chair offers to rethink the traditional pedagogical approach to emphasize non-technical, transversal, and cognitive competencies, such as complex thinking, and to devise innovative pedagogical approaches favoring the personalization of assistance and teaching through adaptative technologies.

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Contribute to the development of a renewed pedagogy, based on the education 4.0 vision, focused on the development of 21st-century competencies (C21), particularly complex thinking, and the personalization of teaching through adaptative technologies.


  • Contribute to the integration of C21 into pedagogy and its application to complex and dynamic societal issues
  • Innovate with the creation of pedagogical approaches favoring the C21 development, namely complex thinking
  • Adapt new pedagogical strategies to learning contexts and continuing training to sustain C21 development
  • In collaboration with other research and teaching initiatives at University Laval, inform and sensitize about the issues of complexity management


  • Addressing the need for transformation of Universities' pedagogical offer
  • Valorization of behavioral science in pedagogical innovation
  • Improvement of the financial educational offer of Mouvement Desjardins