Digital transformation and Human Work

Organizations have undergone a significant reorientation over the past few decades that has become more pronounced since the beginning of the 21st century. This transition to Industry 4.0 of the digital and AI era denotes a shift in vision in society, propelled by the acceleration of the technological revolution. Human activity is transforming and facing new cognitive challenges and opportunities to improve efficiency and quality of life for individuals. The coaching and R&D that we offer in digital transformation and human work greatly benefit from our advances in the other themes of our R&D program. 


The projects aimed at assisting organizations in their digital transformation processes focus on the possibilities generated by the digital revolution at the technological, human and organizational levels. By placing people at the heart of the digital transformation process, our approach and work contribute to the development of technologies supporting decision-making, identifying and validating the cross-disciplinary skills required for competitiveness, as well as anticipating and orienting training, transformation, and process optimization needs.