Co-DOT is a laboratory for the study of human Cognition, its Distribution across individuals, its Organization when dealing with complex situations and the Technologies that can augment its capacity.

Understanding Complexity

Studies investigating strategic planning and decision making in complex systems takes place in the team collaboration in complex situation experimental room. These studies seek to evaluate whether participants make better decisions with or without the help of a system designed to assist them in the decision making process. Up to three participants can take part in experiments at the same time in this room. Each working desk contains wide panoramic screen. There is also an interactive smartboard that can be seen from every station, for the use of participants during the planning phase of the experiment.


Team Cognition

This room permits experimental research that explores team performance related to crisis management using computerized simulations in microworlds. Up to eight participants can take part in an experiment at the same time. It is designed to represent conditions found in crisis management centers. Each computer is equipped with two monitors, two cameras, and one pair of earphones. Participants take on specific roles that are similar to those of workers in crisis management teams, such as chief of operation, chief of resources and chief of search and rescue. The wall of knowledge is located right in front of the participants' desks in such a way that all participants maximize their field of view. Programming and scenarios building take place in the control room next to the testing room.


Cognitive System Integration

The room is used to conduct experiments involving tactile planning. The multisurfaced table enhances knowledge sharing and will be at the center of scenarios that participants will have to analyze. Participants have to submit an action plan that allows us to gauge their understanding of the situation.